PROJECTS - North-West Logistic Park in Szczecin

North-West Logistic Park in Szczecin

4 halls
64 000 m2
warehouse class A with high storage

North-West Logistic Park is the first class A logistic center in Szczecin and is located in south-east part of town at Kniewska street, adjacent to a major communication intersection with access to highway A6. On a lot of 14 hectares four halls of a combined area 64 000 sq. m. and designated for logistics, warehousing and manufacturing have been built. All are equipped with modern technical solutions ensuring both high storage and comfortable execution of all logistic and manufacturing operations. Construction of a North-West Logistic Park is a great opportunity for development of the whole region, increasing its attractiveness and business opportunities. Access to Baltic sea, open sea port in Szczecin, inland connections with water routes covering entire Europe as well as access to major communication intersection linking the park with European road network are major advantages of this place. Localization of this place is extremely attractive for businesses from the logistic and warehousing and manufacturing line of business and naturally serves continuously developing cooperation between Poland Germany and Scandinavian countries. This market environment, continuous improvement of road network additionally increases attractiveness of the region. Financing of this investment was secured by Waimea Holding SA and BOS Bank Corporate Centrum in Szczecin.