In the next three months, the Waimea Group plans to begin the construction of first multimodal cargo terminals in various combinations:

- road transport and air transport
- road transport and sea transport
- road transport and rail transport.

The buildings of multimodal terminals designed by us comply with all the requirements for handling at a given location. Our facilities will have special warehouses for the storage of high-quality goods, as well as refrigerators and freezers. Cargo terminals located within airports will be equipped with devices for X-ray inspection of cargo and freight shipments. The buildings will include high-class air-conditioned office space for the needs of shippers, customs agencies, customs offices, etc.

Multimodal terminals as nodal points of cargo handling and changing modes of transport, as well as places of concentration of service activities, become within international transport chains the most preferred locations for distribution and logistics functions. It is an offer of simple and low-cost solutions in the market of domestic and international transport. In the near future, a network of multimodal terminals may become one of the most important locations of transshipment of goods transported in different arrangements: train - ship - airplane – truck.