Projects - Waimea Logistic Park Port Morski Szczecin

Waimea Logistic Park Port Morski Szczecin

Waimea Logistic Park Seaport Szczecin is a logistics center with a total planned building area of approx. 48 000 sq. m. It will consist of facilities designed in accordance with the requirements of modern warehousing and logistics management. The complex will consist of three halls suitable for any type of business activity, and due to the location associated with the service of seaports, warehouses, logistic and transportation companies. The park will offer areas with option of adapting to the specific needs of storage, light manufacturing as well as offices and social areas. Waimea Logistic Park Seaport Szczecin is a perfect place to run business, taking into account the individual needs of particular Tenants. Location for an urban area, in the center of the capital of Western Pomerania Region, provides access to a qualified labor force, which may be especially advantageous for production, processing as well as for logistic centers. The Seaport of Szczecin, located in the immediate neighborhood of the Park, offers full services of cargo: general cargo, LCL, containers, roll-on roll-off, oversized and dangerous goods. The Duty Free Zone where the goods from outside of the EU can be stored and processed without customs duties or import charges, is an important additional advantage. The Seaport of Szczecin and the Seaport of Świnoujście provides complete range of cargo handling services, as well as the sources and opportunities for warehousing and transport. The annual turnover of the Group amounted to Ports in 2015 over 23 million tons. (Source: Website Port Szczecin-Świnoujście)

Waimea Logistic Park Seaport Szczecin will be built on a plot of approx. 9,5 hectares, in the City of Szczecin, between Hryniewieckiego and Kujota Streets. The park is located in the area of the seaport, in the immediate vicinity of the center of the Szczecin agglomeration.

Waimea Logistic Park Seaport Szczecin has a well developed communication system. The A6 motorway is connected with the European highway system, and through the national road No. 3 (E-65) with the southern Poland and Central European countries. Availability of port services and convenient railway connections provide unlimited possibilities for transport and shipping all over the world. The undeniable advantage of the location of the park is the possibility of using inland waterways, recognized by the European Union as the most environmentally friendly. Accessibility to the system of waterways is of particular importance for the operation of the German market as well as Western Europe. Transport shoulder reaching for there directly to many major centers of economic and industrial regions.

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